Mousehole AFC manager Jake Ash says he’s “honoured and humbled” after signing his first contract with the club. Jake will be taking the first-team helm again as Mousehole embark on their second campaign at Step 4.

“After 5 amazing seasons, Mousehole has become a massive part of my life. It means so much to me and I want to do everything I can to make it successful for all the brilliant people who make everything possible.”

Their first-ever season at that level saw the club finish fifth in the South League Division One. They went on to lose 3-0 to Frome in a rain-soaked playoff semi-final in early May. Despite that defeat, Mousehole finished the season in the highest position ever achieved by the club.

“Firstly I have to thank the players, without what they’ve achieved this wouldn’t happen. Their energy and commitment absolutely energises me and I can’t wait for another year working with them. “

Next season sees the league expand to 22 teams, including two local Cornish derbies for the first time at this level. Jake says he’s relishing going on the road again with the team and backroom staff as they aim to improve on last season’s impressive debut at Step 4.

“It’s a massive nod to all the staff but especially Fletch and Andy, who’ve been with me every step of the way. I’m so fortunate to work with them and that I get to look forward to another year on a bus with them! “

Jake is putting his faith in the future by keeping loyal to the approach that has worked so well this far.

“Although it feels like a big step, it won’t change what we do or how we work. We will continue to work relentlessly to provide the best environment we can for the players. This club is so passionate about developing people and that’s a massive part of the attraction for us all.”

The next campaign kicks off with a series of pre-season friendlies, starting with a match away at Penzance on July 12th. Mousehole also welcome back Exeter City for the second year in a row on Monday July 15th. Tickets for the Exeter City match will go on sale later this week.

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