Hello everybody,

I am writing to you on behalf of the directors to let you know about a critical vacancy which has opened up within the match day management of the first team. This is a fantastic opportunity to put yourself at the heart of what we do at Mousehole and to ensure the smooth and compliant running of the club.

A few weeks ago Andrew Large, who has been club secretary now for several years as well as fixtures secretary for the last couple of seasons, let us know he has decided to step down at the end of this season. His contribution to this club has been immeasurable and remarkable, and his departure leaves a large hole to fill.

We urgently need somebody to step up to take over Andrew‘s duties beginning next season. The requirements of the role are set out below but it is quite possible that we will try to split some of these between two or three people.

If you are interested we’d be happy to chat over the details with you.

This club prides itself on our community spirit and the tireless contributions of our volunteers. If you know of anybody who might be suitable for this role, please do let me know on or 07739 920 251.

The list of work items includes:

• researching and writing a preview of forthcoming opponents

• operating the Southern League’s Match Day System on match days

• writing a match report for the Sunday Non-League Paper

• compiling updated club and player information to each host club for their match day arrangements and programme

• arranging a hospitality list for Away games

• updating the results, analysis and fixtures after each match

• dealing with match re-arrangement dates

• liaison with team management regarding players – notices of approach, registrations, disciplinary record etc

• dealing with whatever questions, issues, forms and surveys are raised by the Southern League, FA, County FA etc

• participating in the weekly online Southern League Show

• attending League meetings in person or online

• circulating incoming League/FA/CCFA information to relevant individuals or groups within the club

• acting as a first point of contact for other persons or bodies

• posting relevant information to update members of the club’s WhatsApp groups

• initiating, or responding to requests for, advice to the Chairman and Directors

• spending time travelling to Home matches and an average of 12 hours to Away matches

• ensuring that everything possible is done to avoid club costs, and fines imposed by the Leagues, FA and CCFA

• working with others to help safeguard and promote the club’s interests, image and reputation at all times

The following duties are likely to be given to other volunteers:

• compiling the match-day programme for Home fixtures

• writing a match report for the club’s own social media

• writing articles of interest on new players and other topics

• designing posters for forthcoming Home games for all the club’s senior teams

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