In the world of football, growth is key. Mousehole Head Coach Andy Graham recently made another trip to Mousehole AFC sponsors, TOVO Academy in Barcelona, seeking once again to enhance his coaching skills. Over four days, Andy delved into TOVO’s renowned coaching approach, witnessing its impact on players and coaches.

At TOVO, 32 players and four coaches from US clubs converged for a week of intensive training. Andy, who has been visiting TOVO for seven years, noticed significant player improvement during the eight sessions he observed.

Andy’s gratitude extends to Todd Beane, TOVO’s founder, for his warm welcome. This visit is part of Mousehole’s ongoing collaboration with TOVO, which also saw Development Head Coach Drew Symons attending a course in Spain recently. We talked previously about Todd and his links to the club in this article.

This partnership symbolizes a shared commitment to football excellence. Through such collaborations, Mousehole and TOVO Academy aim to nurture talented players and skilled coaches, enriching the football landscape.

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