5 Josh Storey

Current Team
Mousehole AFC

Josh is sponsored by Sanderling Holidays. Nestled in Sennen Cove, just a stone’s throw away from the beautiful Whitesand’s and Gwenver beaches to one side and the fishing harbour beach and Lifeboat Station to the other, you will find Sanderling and Sanderling’s Nest. Their Properties offer stunning sea views and outdoor seating space with BBQs to allow you to relax with family and friends, enjoy a glass of wine, read a book or simply sit and watch the world go by.

Team: Sheffield United/ Man Utd

Previous clubs: Penzance, Helston

Year Joined Mousehole: 2023

Favourite Football memory: Playing for England School boys 18’s

Player you most admire:John Stones

Biggest football achievement: Captaining England school boys vs Inter Milan 18’s

Favourite Pizza: Ham and Pineapple

Favourite music act: Ed Sheeran

Favourite other sport: Golf

Favourite Holiday destination: Dubai

Favourite TV: Chicago Med