Mousehole AFC, who yesterday received FA confirmation of their promotion to the Western League Premier for the 2021/22 season, wish to pay tribute publicly to the work of the SWPL, which they joined as founder members in 2007.

Mousehole’s Chairman Deryk Heywood is full of praise for the SWPL and Secretary Phil Hiscox:

“My personal knowledge of League Secretary Phil Hiscox goes back a long way. He worked really hard to set up the SWPL in the first place.  

Since then, he’s been a real figurehead.  Not just a football man, but also a person you can trust to be available to respond to queries, offer advice in a knowledgeable and authoritative manner, and deal with issues in an even-handed way.  

Phil is superbly efficient and considerate at organising fixtures –  an unenviable job particularly during our often erratic winter weather.

We at Mousehole are particularly appreciative of Phil’s guidance and support during these last few weeks, as our “will-we?/won’t-we?” promotion prospects hung in the balance.

We regard the upward movement of five clubs as a positive reflection of the SWPL, with the League acting as a springboard and helping to fulfil the true purpose of the football pyramid.

We leave with our sincere thanks and fond memories, and wish “all the best” to the League and all its member clubs.”

Phil will probably be glad to see the back of me, as I’ve been pestering him on all sorts of things for years!”

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